You can protect Womens' Sport

In case it needed to be said, men are not women, and they should not be competing in women’s sports. 

You, me, and most of Australia know that, but we’re up against a loud minority who want to allow men to compete against women. 

The very definition of what it means to be a male or female is being eroded, and Sport Australia refuses to define the term woman. Instead, they've chosen to appease the woke mob and allow biological males to compete against women in sports, robbing our heroic female athletes of their hard-earned rewards.

They want to rob your sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers of the enjoyment sport brings by forcing them into unsafe environments, competing against men with all their biological advantages.

Outside the sporting arena women and girls are then forced to share change rooms and toilets where men can expose themselves. And if you push back, you risk being labelled "transphobic".

The trans lobby is trying to destroy women's sport, and we need to fight back.

To Sport Australia, 

Generations of women have fought hard to be recognised in sport.

Now that's being put at risk by the transgender lobby's push to allow biological men to compete against women.

Women’s sport exists to provide fair competition for female players and athletes. It allows women and girls to win Olympic medals, compete professionally, and play with friends at their local club.

But Sport Australia’s Inclusion Guidelines undermine women’s sport by claiming participation should be based on ‘affirmed gender identity’ rather than sex.

Men have strength, stamina and physique advantages over women. In many sports, it is unfair and unsafe for biological males to play against women.

There’s nothing ‘inclusive’ about undermining women’s sport.

We ask that Sport Australia withdraws its dangerous and unfair guidelines and supports female sport – to allow women in Australia to once again excel on an even playing field.


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