Labor attempts to silence discussion on women’s sport

Liberal Senator for Tasmania Claire Chandler has called for Anthony Albanese to reject slurs by Labor Senators against women who acknowledge biological sex as a reality and have concerns about safety and fairness in women’s sport.

“In the Senate last week, I spoke about the findings of World Rugby that biological males playing women’s rugby present a 20-30 per cent increase in the risk of injury to female competitors. These findings have major implications for many Australian sports and this is an incredibly important issue for millions of women around the world,” Senator Chandler said.

“At the end of my speech last week – I asked the question of whether Australians are able to speak freely about women’s rights and the reality of biological sex. According to the Labor Party, the answer is no.

“Despite the importance of this issue, my speech was interrupted by shouted interjections by a Labor Senator. Today in the Senate, Labor Senator Nita Green went even further, directly labelling not only me but also JK Rowling and other women, who share concerns about women’s sex-based rights being eroded, as “transphobic”*.

“I couldn’t care less about insults thrown my way from the Labor Party. But Australian women and girls are entitled to know if it’s official Labor Party policy to deride women for discussing safety and fairness risks in women’s sport.

“Mr Albanese should explain whether he supports the comments of Labor Senators.  Is he aware of the research showing female athletes are significantly disadvantaged and at increased risk of injury when they are forced to compete against biological males? And does he know that unfounded accusations of “transphobia” against women like JK Rowling have been used to justify appalling abuse and threats of violence against women on social media?”