Labor’s broken promise on essential health services

The Albanese Labor Government has admitted breaking yet another key promise they made to Tasmanians during the 2022 election campaign.

Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Claire Chandler, said the Albanese Government had misled the Tasmanian people on the delivery timeframe of three urgent health care clinics in Tasmania.

Labor promised the delivery of 50 urgent care clinics would occur within the first 12 months of government, including three clinics in Tasmania, to be located in greater Hobart, on the north-west coast; and in the north of the state,” Senator Chandler said.

“Labor promised that all 50 would be operational within their first year of government, yet almost a year into Government there are no signs of even one of the clinics being delivered on time.

“We've seen the Albanese Labor Government renege on a number of major policy announcements they made during the election campaign, most notably their broken promise to save Australians an average of $275 on their power bills.

“The confirmation that the urgent care clinics will not be delivered on time is yet another broken promise to the Tasmanian people.

“Tasmanians deserve to know how long they will have to wait for the Government to deliver the urgent care clinics, including the one which was supposed to be operational in greater Hobart by early 2023.

“This latest broken promise just goes to show that Labor is all talk and no delivery.”